161+ Best Good Night Messages For Son

Best Good Night Messages For Son

Beloved sons are just a great blessing to every parent, and we must also be the duplicate to them. Some of them go through like so much than we can see them. They can carry on with every little thing like they do not face any risky opportunity. To be honest, they do this in life so they do not have to make us unhappy or feel sad, and this is nice on our part. Some lovely things as little as some Best Good Night Messages For Son could get your beloved son’s mind off whatever mishap that he experienced that happened during the day.

Best Good Night Messages For Son

Best Good Night Messages For Son

This would calm his progressive mind and make him have a beautiful sleep. Parents are the persons who want him from God even before his existence in this world. They always appreciate little single moments of their son, like when he starts to crawl when he puts his first steps when he smiles or laughs when he runs, and plays, in simple words, they have appreciated everything he did from his childhood to an adult boy.

Good night, my dear son. May your dreams be fulfilled and may they be filled with lots of love and happiness. I’m grateful to have you in my life. I’ll always love you, no matter how much time passes.

. Close your eyes and go to sleep while thinking about me. I will keep you close while you are asleep. I love you forever, my sweet son. Goodnight!

. I don’t think I could ever tell you in words how much you mean to me. You mean the world to me! I will always love you and be here for you. I’m so proud to be your mommy. Have a good night, swe. heart.

. My day is incomplete without you, Son. I love you more than anything in this world. I miss you so much when you’re not by my side, but your smile always welcomes me back home. I just want to let you know that you are the light on my cloudy days and happiness in my joyless times. I wish you perfect rest as you sleep. Goodnight!

. Every day from now on, from this moment onward, I promise that I will never fail you. I’m not going to abandon you. You’re my son and I will give my all for you. I wish you a restful night under God’s protection. Good night, son.

. As a baby, I’ve been looking forward to the moment that you were going to grow up and start saying “mommy”. You have grown up into a sweet, caring, and independent boy. I thank God for making you my son and I wish you the best. Good night, son.

. Good night, son. I love you more than you realize. I’m so proud of the man that you’re becoming. Thank you for showing me love through your actions, compassion, dedication, and strength. I can’t wait to see how much you’ll grow when tomorrow comes! Good night.

. I love you, sweetheart. Whatever you do in life, know that I will always be proud of you. I’m grateful for having a wonderful son like you and I’m happy to be your dad. Wishing you safety and renewed strength as you go to sleep. Good night, dear son.

. You make my life meaningful and I know there is more happiness ahead of you. There is more to learn about the life, but as long as we’re together, nothing will ever go wrong. Good night and sweet dreams.

. Good night, sweetheart. May God comfort you during your sleep. You are my pride and joy. Don’t worry about anything when you are asleep because I will always protect you when you are awake.

. I love you so much and cannot wait to come home and see you. I love how sweet you are and all the funny things that you do. You’re my star, my sunshine, my life, my reason for living. I love you so much with all of my heart. Have the best night ever, son.

. I look forward to seeing your cute little face when I get home. Good night, my sweet little angel, and sweet dreams.

 I love you as much as words can say. I’ll always be there for you. Keep dreaming big and following your dreams. You’re an amazing son and I hope you know that. I pray that one day we will be together again; without pain; and with lots of love and joy. Goodnight!

. How are you, son? It’s been a long day, so rest well and dream sweet dreams. I love you.

. Good night, my son. The day has been really tiring yet very fulfilling. Now, I think it’s time for us to head to bed and face the new day with brighter spirits.

. No matter what happens in our lives, you know that I will always stand by your side, right? I’ll still protect you because I know that with me by your side, you’ll be safe. Sleep safely, dear son. Good night!

. I’m so grateful to have you! A lovely day is when I get to spend my precious time with you. Good night, my son! Sleep well and sleep tight, my angel!

. I wish I was there to tuck you in, kiss you before you go to sleep. But I pray that the Almighty God will keep you and make you wake up to a great day. Good night!

. Your soft touch and gentle voice, indeed, are a blessing to me. It’s a pleasure to have a son like you in my life. You always make me happy and so proud of you, whenever I think of your amazing ways. I wish that you enjoy God’s love all through your life, and even tonight. Good night, dear.

. A son is a son forever. I want to thank you for always being there for me, my son. You may be all grown up now but to me, you’ll always be my baby boy who I used to carry around in my arms. Thank you for being the sweetest son in the world. I wish you favor and love always, even now. Good night!

. My son, you are the best son anyone could have hoped for. I am so thankful to have you in my life. You enrich my days and nights with all your joy and happiness. I’m sorry I wasn’t very close to you when we were growing up, but I want to change that now and love and appreciate you even more than before. I start by wishing you a great night’s rest.

. Good night to my sweet son! The moon is shining bright just for you. The stars are twinkling just for you. May you have sweet dreams and wonderful sleep. Good night!

 Baby, you’re the best son in the world. I’m so proud of you and all that you have become. I’m grateful to God for blessing me with a wonderful son like you, I love you so much. Have a beautiful night with sweet dreams and sleep tight.

. My darling, sweet and loving boy, you’re my sunshine. You’re the most beautiful gift that God ever gave me and I feel so lucky to be your mom. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to see what our future is going to be like. I wish that you sleep well tonight and wake up with a sound mind. Good night!

. I hope we’ll make each other proud and we’ll always be there for each other. You mean the world to me and no matter how far we’ll be apart, remember I’m with you everywhere in every way, and tonight, I wish you all-round protection. Goodnight, son.

. My son, I love you so much. You are so polite and helpful. You’ve grown up to be a gentleman. May you find calmness as you sleep tonight. Good night and sweeter dreams than yesterday.

. I can’t express how much I care about you because you are the treasure of my life. I only have two wishes that have yet to be fulfilled, That I could kiss your forehead every night before you sleep, ) That someday, you will grow to be great. But until then, good night.

. Dear son, you are the most precious gift in my life. I love you so much. I wish for us to bond more than ever before so I can be by you as you live your dreams… wishing you sweet dreams!

. Even when I feel like I’m losing my mind, I try to stay strong. Just knowing that you’re out there in the world keeps me going. You’re my little hero who makes me smile every day. Keep being the good boy that you are and remember that no matter what anyone else says, I will always think you’re great! Have a good night’s rest.

. Goodnight, my son. I’m blessed to have you as my son. I love how you laugh and smile even when you’re not feeling well. It makes me feel good to make you happy and to make your night like any other night. Here’s wishing you peace as you sleep.

 You were born three months early and I never thought that you would survive the day, but here we are celebrating your growth each day. Sleep well tonight and wake up bigger. Love you!

. Good Night! God has made everything beautiful in its season. I love you, son! May you have a wonderful night’s sleep with beautiful dreams.

. I never thought you’d be the most complicated person in my life. You’re not just my son but also my friend and my mentor. I’m glad to have a son like you and hope that we will always be this close. I love you so much, son. Good night and sweet dreams.

. I stare at the stars and know that you’re looking at them too, my son. And every star in the sky is a reason that I love you down to my core. You’re a vital part of me and always will be. Good night!

. You are my love for life, baby boy. My irreplaceable, wonderful child! My main goal in this life is to be the best mother for you and I know that I’ve succeeded. I start by wishing that you have a good sleep and perfect nighttime.

. You are everything to me, sweetheart. Nothing else matters, you are the only thing that has ever really mattered in my whole life. Good night, Honey. I love you forever and ever!

They love their son’s journey from a baby to an adult boy. Parents know everything in nature of their son whether it is his anger, his happiness, his comfort, his joy, or his humor. Creating a perfectly good night message can be slightly stressful especially because you may have to do it every day, like daily the night. The repetition of the Best Good Night Messages For Son sometimes makes us very tired but with the extreme collection of the beautiful and Best Good Night Messages For Son and loved ones I have here for you, and you are covered.

Lovely Good Night Messages For Son

Lovely Good Night Messages For Son

So, if you have a beloved son, to make him happy, just before he goes to sleep in the peaceful night, these Best Good Night Messages For Son, and the perfect quotes are the daily routine required doses of love for beloved ones. You could send it to your son and give him that nice end to the beautiful day. Tell your son that he is the joy in your life, the one that makes you feel accomplished as a parent, and that you hope he’ll keep his jolly spirit all the way.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Son

Sweet Good Night Messages For Son

You can also make fun of how much he talks, his infinite energy, or how much he loves to prank and irritate you, all on a funny note. Show your son how amazing your life has been since he joined your family all those years ago. From mud pies and imagination-filled games to high school and video games, your son will always hold a special place in your heart. Everyone knows that little boys are made of slime and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.

. My son, you make me proud every single day. The happiest moment of my life was when I got to hold you in my arms for the very first time, and now, looking at how bright and clever you’ve grown inside this world has made me feel at one with myself. I will always be here for you. Enjoy your night as God watches over you.

. My dearest son. I only want you to understand that I am always here to make things right with you. I might scold you sometimes, but always try my best to look at the bright side of things. That’s just my way of showing how much I love you. Good night!

. Good night, son. Don’t think of anything else for it’s time to rest. I wish you God’s divine protection. Love you!

. Son, I hope that you are having a good time with your friends. Please take care of yourself, okay? I love you very much. Have a good sleep, my son.

. My son, I can’t put into words how much you mean to me! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you to the moon and back and I wish you a perfect night’s rest.

. Goodnight, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Always remember I love you a lot, dear.

. You’re all I ever wanted in a son and so much more. You’re good and smart, kind and fair. I love you so much and cherish every moment we spend together. You never cease to amaze me, and you’re my guiding star. Keep shining like you always do! I love you, son! Good night.

. You’re there for me, you’re very kind and caring to your friends and family. You’re smart and you deserve all the good things in life! How can I not be proud of you? I know you’ll do so highly in life – no doubt about it! Goodnight!

. Good night to my son, good night to my baby. May you have sweet dreams of tomorrow’s adventures. I love you!

. Just look around you one more time before you close your eyes. Look at the moon in its glory, look at the stars in their prime. You have birthed so many memories in me, so many thoughts in your father’s mind, that no matter what the future will bring, part of us will always remain right here, in our very own home. Good night and sweet dreams, my son. I love you so much.

. Good night, son. Sleep tight. I love you so much and wish you to wake up a better person.

. Good night, sweetheart. You are an amazing son and I love you so much. Thank you for making it all that much more incredible to be your mom.

. Good night to you, sweetheart. Tomorrow is a bright day and a new beginning. As the birds fly over us, I hope they see a beautiful son and a loving child. May you have wonderful dreams tonight and tomorrow I want to welcome you with flowers. Good night!

. You’re a precious gift from God, son. You’re light of love and care for everyone around you. You’re the best son any parent could ever ask for. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. May you always walk in the light and live your life to the fullest. Always be yourself as you’re a great person. Good night!

. Your love and all your love and care have made me a better person. You’re my guiding star and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. I’m so proud of how great a person you’ve become. Thank you for being such an amazing son and role model. Son, you’re the best and I love you. Good night!

. I am so lucky to have a son like you. I love you more than words can ever say. You were a joy in my life and still are. I am blessed to have a son who is both caring and courageous, sensitive and strong. You make me proud of being your mom! Good night, son!

. Good night to my angel. I love you so much, my son. I can never be grateful enough for you in this lifetime. We had our ups and downs, but we got our happily ever after. I’ll always keep you in my heart to keep you warm when cold times appear.

. You are the ray of light in my eyes when everything goes dark. You are my world, the reason why I get up every morning, the reason why I continue living. Tonight, I wish that you enjoy your sleep knowing that I love you.

. Your unconditional love for me keeps me going. You’re an amazing son. You respect my decisions and I appreciate you for that. I couldn’t ask for a great son like you. Good Night.

. Good night to you, my wonderful son, the shield of my loins, who fenced me behind and before so that my old age might enjoy good days. May the Lord fulfill thy every word! Good night!

. My heart is always with you, son. I love you so much and I’ll do anything for you. You deserve happiness in your life, but most importantly you deserve a mom who will love you for the rest of her life. I’ll do anything to make you happy and proud of me. Enjoy your night because tomorrow is a special day.

. When I say good night, it’s not because I am going to sleep. It is because I’m saying I love you!

. Darling, you are my life. You are brave, caring, and strong. I love the fact that you are inquisitive and intelligent too. I am lucky to have you as my son. God bless you every day of your life. Good night, son.

. Good night, my son, I hope you have pleasant dreams. I love you so much.

. Oh, where do I begin? You are the light of my life! My sunshine, my very reason for being. How priceless you are is priceless! You’re God’s most precious creation. You’re worth more than millions of pieces of gold, diamonds, and platinum combined. Just remember that no matter what, my dear son, I’ll always love you. Good night and sweet dreams. See you in the morning.

. Good night! I know it’s gonna be hard to sleep without hugging you, but I want you to know that I love you so much. Goodnight, my baby boy.

. During my sleepless nights, when my heart hurts and I’m in pain, your hugs and kisses save me. You are just like your father-selfless and completely devoted to me. I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful son. Good night, dear.

. My cherished son, you are my pride. I wish to shower upon you with the ceaseless devotion of my love. I wish you could tell what secrets are inscribed in my heart. You are destined for great things, my son, do not doubt yourself. Good night.

. You are my son. Your birth gave meaning to my life. I hope you grow up to be a good man, compassionate and loving. May you be successful in all your endeavors. I love you so much! Good night!

. My dear son, may you grow to be a man with the heart of a tigress who will always know how to respond to difficulties that will face him. Always have faith in yourself and do not fear what is yet to come for they are but mere challenges that will help define. Good night!

. Good night, my dear son. This message is to you. I pray that you have a peaceful sleep as you rest tonight, as I think of you.

. I am now turning your lights down low, now have sweet dreams filled with stars. Turn those worries into stars now and have a good night from me. I love you.

. Goodnight, my dearest son. May God bless and keep you and guide you and won’t ever forsake you. I love you!

. I wish we could spend more time together and share our big and small joys. Good night, son, and sweet dreams.

. Well, you are growing up so fast. Each day is filled with excitement and night filled with love because I know it might be your best! Good night, my son!

. I love you with all my heart because I can never be apart from you. Good night, young man, sleep tight.

. My love for you will never fade away. It is eternity. I can’t get enough of you, not even the sands on the beach, not even the waves on the shore, not even the birds in the sky can fill your place in my heart. Have a good night, sweetheart.

. Sweet dreams, son, I love you. You have made my life complete. I have two loving sons, one being you. May your night be lovely as well.

. Good night to my dearest son. You are my priority and I hope that you’ll get a lot of love from your brother. Sweet dreams, love you lots.

. I am proud of who you are and who you will become. There is never a day that I don’t feel so fortunate to be your mother. You bring such joy and happiness to my life. I love you and wish you the best night ever.

. Thank you for bringing so much love into my world. I love you more than you know and it’s because of you that I now know what true unconditional love means! Good night, my son.

. Good night to my loved son. May there be no sadness of farewell when this message arrives, but may there be happiness instead.

. Good night, son. Have a wonderful and relaxing sleep. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in the morning with a bright and happy smile. Have sweet dreams!

. Good night, my angel, I love you all day long and all night. God bless you and protects you.

. Son, my wish for you is that you will grow up to be a good man. I am also wishing you a beautiful night’s rest. Good night, dear

. Goodnight, my son, have a wonderful sleep in your little bed. I hope that in your dreams, you’re always in a good mood. I love you so much.

. Son, I know that in time, everything will be alright. At this moment, I can’t see you but in my heart, I feel your warm touch. Take care of yourself, have a pleasant sleep, and have sweet dreams. Goodnight!

. Good night to the most amazing son in the universe. I’m so proud of you and all that you do. Thank you for being you. I’ve never been more proud of you than I am now. Good night, My dear son.

. Hello, my son, I hope you had a nice day with your friends. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to eat and drink. Your Father and I always pray for your safety and we love you so much. We miss you very much and we wish you will be home soon. Good night, my son.

. Good night, my love. I hope you’ll have a pleasant dream tonight. I truly appreciate you for bringing joy, blessings, and happiness to my life. I can hardly wait to hold you in my arms again. Good night and sweet dreams, dear!

. Dear Son, I love you so much. Although I didn’t have a happy childhood, thanks to you, our family is now full of happiness and joy. You’re always there for your little sister, and she loves you dearly. It’s my wish that you have the best in life, even from tonight. Good night!

. You’re an unconditional friend to your other step-siblings as well. In short, you’re a good son and good brother. Thank you for being such a loving person. The world needs more people like you, who care about others.
I have sacrificed almost everything for you, but it has been the best decision of my life. I wish that you continue to make us proud. Good night.

. I could never ask for a better son because I know that one can’t possibly exist. You are trustworthy, honest, sincere, down-to-earth, and caring. I’m proud that you turned out to be the person that you are now. I hope that your dreams will come true. Good night!

. My sweet handsome son, daddy loves you so much, I hope you liked this special good night message. Though I live far, I will always be with you in your life. You will always have my heart and soul. Daddy misses you, don’t forget that. When you come home, we can play lots of games together. Love you, my sweet boy. Have a good night’s sleep.

. Good night to my lovely son for the sweetest day of the year all over the world. I will always be here to take care of you and our family. love you so much.

. Good night to my dearest son. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for making me the happiest mom in the world. Good night and sweet dreams.

. Good night, my dear son. I miss you already. I wish to see you again very soon. I love you endlessly and will always. Enjoy the stars and sweet dreams as I do so at night.

. Good night, my love. I just wanted to wish you a good night before I sleep. Know that I love you dearly and miss you more than words can describe. Rest well, my child!

. I love you, my boy. Sleep well.
Not being with you is very hard. but I am here thinking of you as I go to bed.

. My son, I love you so much because you are the only reason for my happiness. I feel so safe when you are by my side. You are my life’s treasure. Good night and sleep tight.

. My eyesight is limited, but I can still see you clearly in front of me. Every time I open my eyes, your smiling face is the first thing that welcomes me. I hope all your dreams come true. May God continue to bless you abundantly. Goodnight, son!

. The whole world is a big book and the only way you can live happy and healthy is to like and appreciate it. I love you very much, son. Good night, my son.

. I don’t have words to tell you how much I love you. All I can say is that I’m so proud to be your mom. For the past years, you have made me look better than all the moms around. You are my inspiration every day. Good night, my dear son.

To the most hardworking son in the world, I thank God for the much-needed strength He keeps giving you. You work so damn hard, and you’ve never complained of tiredness. The Lord will continue to be your strength. How was your day, son? Have a good night.

. By the time you get back from work, I would’ve been sleeping. I know how hectic your work can be, and your boss doesn’t even help at all. I hope you can see beyond all this because God is preparing something greater for you. Just believe and be hopeful. Have a good night my son.

. I’m glad that you’re not one of the lazy men out there. You’re a full-bodied man who works hard to achieve his dreams. It may seem like things are a bit slow and hard, but don’t worry, God will make a way very soon. Just believe. Make sure you sleep well, so you can wake up rejuvenated in the morning. Good night.

. You have made me proud in so many ways I can’t start mentioning. You made me a great mom, by not allowing all my sacrifices to go to waste. You love and place me above everyone else. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better son. My only prayer is that God keeps elevating you. Amen. Have a good night.

. Things weren’t so easy before I had you, but it’s now in the past. You work so hard so you can get me things I couldn’t afford. I can’t stop being grateful to God for you, son. You have brought me more peace than I ever expected. Thank you for choosing me. Have a good night.

. No matter how stressful the day is, you will always find your way around being happy. I have never seen a happier man. I’m so happy to be your mom, and if there’s anything as an afterlife, I will gladly accept the role of your mother. You’re the sweetest. Good night, my son.

. You have no idea how much I talk about you to people who care to listen. The fact is, you have made me proud more than my expectations. I never planned to be a proud mom at this young age of mine. And no, I will never be tired of the attention I get from people, just for being your mom. How was your day, son?

. I will always be ready to make sacrifices for you, whether you’re still under my roof or not. If only you know how much of a wonderful son you are. I place you above everyone else in my life; well, except for your father. Thank you for always honoring my call, even when work doesn’t permit it. Good night, son.

. Well, maybe I am not the best father, but you will agree with me that I am the friendliest and most loving father ever. I don’t joke with you, my son. I want my legacies to live on after I have passed, that’s why I keep showing you how to be a great man. I’m glad you’re taking the lessons seriously. You shall be great. How was work today?

. I’m sure people only call me a great woman because you’re my son. You have made motherhood so easy for me. I now extend so much love and care to other people’s children. The experience of your birth changed me. I will continue to cherish it. I’m sure today was great. Good night, dear.

. I know I haven’t stopped saying this, and trust me, I will never be tired of saying it because it’s the truth. I’m so proud of you. You are my miracle; you came into my life and things began to work out fine. What would I have done without you? I will love you forever, son. Do have a good night.

. I know you now have a family of your own, but that still doesn’t change how I feel about you. You have been my best friend since you were a little boy. I made sure everything was made available to you because you never stopped making me smile. Trust me, my sacrifices to you will be forever. Good night, son.

. It’s amazing how people now see me as a good woman. Before childbearing, I was always labellelabeleded a woman. There’s no bad name people have never called me. But God rewrote my story through your birth. Things began to be meaningful. Here I am today; grateful and blessed. I love you forever, son. Good night.

. No matter how old you are, there’s nothing that will erase the fact that you’re my loving son. You’re the one whom I first loved, before anyone else. Up till now, your smile brings me joy and makes my heart flutter. You will always be at the center of my existence. Good night, dear son.

. We will always be best friends, and your wife and kids will have no choice but to adapt. Only I know what I had to go through to bring you into this world. So, no one is capable of turning our backs against each other. You will continue to mean the world to me. Good night, my son.

. You’re the most responsible and respectful rich kid I know. Your humility is out of this world. Sometimes, I just want you to show off a little, so people can know who you are. But no, you will never. My advice is that you keep it up, darling. Trust you had a good day. Good night.

. If there’s one thing I love about you, then it’s the fact that you help people grow. You make your life an open book of experience for people to learn from. You’re so selfless and amazing. I am super proud of everything you keep gathering. You will only keep getting greater. Have a splendid night my son.

. People will say it’s not that deep, but I don’t care, because it is My love for you is deeper than human comprehension, so I don’t blame them for their opinions. People only beef what they can’t change. My love for you will be in their faces forever. I hope you had a good weekend. Prepare to smash those goals tomorrow. I love you.

. I have never seen anyone who does better than me at procrastinating. I’m sure I have a Master’s degree in it. But I have come to learn so much from you, even as my son. I have learned to learn to do it, whether it comes out great or not. You inspire me, son. I’m sure you will sleep well tonight. Kisses.

. I can keep up with so many things, but not people badmouthing or calling you names. I invested so much in you, and I can say for a fact that you are doing very well. If anyone has a problem with you, let them take it up with God. As for you, you will only keep progressing. Good night, my love.

. Congratulations have been a heavenly valid conversation, ever since I birthed you. It just felt like God purposely waited for your arrival, before He started to bless me. Trust me, I have lost track of how much God has blessed me with. I’m just thankful I have you in my life. How was your day? Have a good night’s rest.

. Ever since your father declared you the CEO of his company, a lot has changed about you. You have become more serious than I ever anticipated. Everyone in the office keeps telling me how maturely you deal with them. This can only make me love you more. Keep it up, darling. I hope work wasn’t so stressful today. Good night.

. Honestly, you need to take a break, right about now. You have been working your ass out for months, without even thinking of taking a break. This is your company, and I admire how you run it, but you also need to understand that the body needs rest. Don’t worry, your colleagues will fill you in. Good night, dear.

. I know you are bothered about some things. I know you have goals you are working on. I know things don’t seem to be working out. But in all of these, I also know there’s a living God who sees and knows everything. God will surely come through. You just cheer up. Good night.

. I have never seen a man who loves work like you. I’m sure you love your job more than food. I’m glad I have a very hardworking son. That will serve as a yardstick for your siblings to follow. Make sure you don’t stop laying good examples for them. We love you, son. Have a good night.

. My life feels more peaceful than it always has, knowing that you’re done with school, and I don’t have to pay anything anymore. Dear son, you have made me very proud. Wherever I go, people point at me while talking about you. Thank you for not putting me to shame. How was your day? Good night.

. To me; you signify light, peace, love, happiness, and so many beautiful things. You’re my very own testimony. If anyone doubts God in my life today, you’re all I will point at, because you’re the evidence of God’s blessing to me. Thank you for choosing me. Do have a good night.

. As your father, I can’t be prouder. The things you keep doing amaze me. I had so much zeal, growing up, but that is nothing compared to yours. You’re the true son of your father. I know you will go far, and I can’t wait to see what that looks like. Have a good night, son.

. Happiness to me means you. You are my happiness. Whenever you’re not around me, I’m not moved to do things; I just want to be all alone. But the moment I set my eyes on you, my worries are gone. I love you so much, son. Make sure you dream about me.

. It’s not just enough to bring a child into this world. Nurturing and making sure the child lacks nothing, is where the real work lies. At first, it was so difficult for me. I thought I was going to end it all, but then, I had to be optimistic. I shunned every thought of failure. Here I am now, with the best son in the world. Oh dear, I hope you had a good day.

. Whenever I think about how much you mean to me, I feel recharged and want to press harder. You are the motivation I need in this life. You are the light of my life. I won’t stop being there for you. God bless you, my dear son. Do have wonderful dreams. I love you so much.

. You put so much hard work into the things you believe in, and that’s one thing I love about you. You don’t care who is watching, as long as the dots are connecting. You’re a genius, son. And I hope the world never changes who you truly are. Make sure you sleep easy.

. Nothing is worth my time, money, and resources if it doesn’t have to do with you. For you to become a great man in life, I’d love to sacrifice my sweat and blood. You make it so easy to be your father. You’re my favorite child, and I hope you continue to make me proud. Good night, son.

. Whenever we call for a board meeting at the office, you always sweep me off my feet, with your lovely ideas. Well, I had always thought I was the most brilliant, but it feels so great to have a more brilliant son. Thank you for taking after me in all areas. I love you, son. Go and sleep. See you tomorrow at the office.

. Not minding it’s your father’s company, you put in so much work to see that the company keeps moving. We keep beating our competitors, just because of how passionately you’ve taken your job. I know you are on another assignment, right now, even though it’s bedtime. I just thought to appreciate you for reviving my company, while other sons kill their fathers’. Good night, son. Love.

. I prefer you to your other siblings, trust me. You understand me more than anyone else. You listen to me. No one else knows exactly how I feel, but you. You’re the only best friend I have in this world, and I hope we stay like this forever. How are you tonight, son? Good night.

. Saying I’m proud of you, is an understatement. You have made me the greatest father on earth. I still haven’t gotten over the feeling I had, many years ago, when you joined this family. Things only keep getting better, since then. You’re my good luck charm. Good night.

. I love how appreciative you are, even when it’s just a little favor. You go all out telling people to thank me on your behalf. What a sweet boy you are. This will only keep making me do more. Expect more gifts from me, as long as you keep making me proud. Check underneath your pillow, son. Good night.

. I’m a better man because I have you as my son. I never knew I would be a responsible man, one day. Meeting your mom was the turning point for me. Then she gave birth to you, I started getting better than I was. You guys are a huge blessing to me. I’m forever grateful. Good night, son. With love from your dad.

. You’re a late sleeper, and that’s because you won’t stop being on your phone. I’m glad that you’re doing something productive with your phone, though. It makes me so happy. Make sure that’s all you continue to do. Do have a good night. I love you.

. Hey son, I just thought to check on you, because I’m sure you had a very long day. I hope everything is okay with you, though. Have you eaten? Always know that I am lucky and blessed that you are my son. I hope that God keeps lifting you higher. Amen. Have a good night.

. Nothing is more paramount to me than your well-being. I take this very seriously, even though you barely have the time to take care of yourself. I just wish you could slow it a bit down. This company is yours, and you can take a break for as long as you want. Please, consider my plea. Good night, dear.

. You’re my best friend, and I love how we communicate. No one understands my language than you. You keep supporting me, even when you need the support more. What more can I say? You’re a Godsent son, and I’m so grateful to have you. How about you go to bed now, because tomorrow is almost here. Good night, dear.

. I love the fact that you’re very inquisitive. You ask questions about things you need to know. Even when I shut you up, you don’t stop. That’s the exact spirit I want you to keep exhibiting. Ask questions when things are not clear, then you will have little or no problem. How was the proposal you submitted? Good night son.

. My favorite thing in life is, being your father. I possibly can’t trade this for anything in the world. You are a great son. You have no idea how much I admire your tenacity. I’m sure the future holds greater things for you. You just keep doing what is right. Have a good night, son.

. I love the company you keep, son. I know I have never told you this, but it’s because I have only been observing from afar. Now, I have concluded that you keep the world’s best friends. No wonder you keep getting better at what you do. Keep it up, son. Have a good night. Love you so much.

. It’s no more news that I have the best son ever. You’re handsome, loving, caring, focused, and determined. Above all, you know exactly what you want. People like you will always be great at anything they do because they go for what they want. You shall be greater than me, son. How about we call it a day, now? Good night.

. I love how late-night chats about life and business. This is what I always look forward to because I always learn a thing or two new things. Meanwhile, son, you’re very brilliant. All your business strategies keep working for me. I just feel like you’re the one running the company because it keeps growing because of your strategies. Thank you for everything, son. Do have a good night.

. You have tried for today. Honestly, I don’t know where you get your strength from. Even as your dad, I can’t possibly pull up everything you did, earlier today. You have done well, and you deserve to go to bed now. Please, don’t pick up your phone till it’s morning. Good night, son.

. You spend long hours on your computer, researching about necessary things that would keep your company running, then your boss keeps turning down everything you present. This can be frustrating and tiring, at the same time. But trust me, if he doesn’t come around, then God has something better for you. Do not give up. Good night, my son.

. I have never stopped being a proud father, ever since you became my son. Every single day, you keep coming up with new things to make me proud and happy. What more can I possibly ask for, son? I hope you know you’re the real MVP. This is coming directly from your father. Good night, son.

. I haven’t slept yet, because I’m here, thinking of how much I am blessed. I never knew how much of a blessing you have been, until recently. Oh, I am very sorry for not detecting this very early enough. Now that I know, I will never miss an opportunity to tell you how much I love you. Good night, son.

. If I am being truthful to you, then I must let you know that you are the best son in the entire world. Having you was never a mistake like I always thought, anyway. Rather, it’s been a blessing in disguise. Thank you for choosing to go on this journey with me. Roll the curtains down. It’s time to sleep. Good night.

. In your eyes, I see hope for a better tomorrow. I know a better life is ahead, and I’m going to make sure it’s here as soon as possible. As my son, you need to stop worrying. God is still in the business of making miracles. Yours is just on the way. Be expectant, son. Have a good night.

. I have never yelled at you because you have never given me a reason to. You’re the most respectful son, ever. Now that you’re in high school, I have no fear, because I know you will keep exhibiting those sweet and attractive manners of yours. Always be a good boy, and don’t forget to keep studying hard. Good night, my son.

. When I was your age, I knew nothing about enjoyment. Now, there’s nothing I enjoy more than enjoyment. You have thought me the importance of enjoyment. You’re the one who keeps making effort to see that I am happy. Thank you for being such a sweet song. Here’s wishing you a good night.

. You won’t believe that I have never loved anyone like this; not even your mom. People wonder why we’re so close, but honestly, I can’t explain it. The only thing I know is that I just keep loving you. There must be something you’re doing right, though. I hope you never stop. Good night, dear son.

. I have been your father, for years, and the experience surpasses every other experience I consider as good, in my life. You were supposed to be just my son, but you keep being much more. You love me more than I ever thought. You haven’t seen anything yet, son. I will keep spoiling you. Good night, sweetheart.

. People who have no idea how it feels to be loved by a son will always have a problem with How I show you love. You are my son, and I’m not ashamed to show my love to you. It only makes me a good parent. Whether they like it or not, our love is here to stay forever. Good night, son.

. You are the loveliest son ever. I wonder where you were when my life was boring and in shambles. You have restored all I have lost. Today, even though it’s not your birthday, I choose to celebrate you. Your food is on the dining table. Make sure you eat before you sleep. Have a good night, dear.

Amazing Good Night Messages For Son

Amazing Good Night Messages For Son

Your son has been a bundle of energy, fun, and exasperation since he was old enough to walk and talk. While he has brought equal amounts of laughter and stress, there’s no one else you would rather claim as your child. Every night, take the opportunity to show your son how proud you are of him. Share your favorite memories and proudest memories from his life so far. Celebrate the years you’ve shared every night you spend with your son.