188+ Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

As a human being, birthdays are always special and exciting days in everybody’s life. For a young boy or a girl, these birthdays have a unique place in teenagers’ hearts, these birthdays matter to them a lot. When it’s the 18th birthday of any boy or a girl, their excitement has no limits. The 18th Birthday is the most special in everybody’s life. If anyone in your circle is celebrating his or her 18th birthday so wish him or her in a lovely and funny manner with Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

A boy or a girl remains guarded and dependent on their parents or any other guardian. They can’t be able to take their decisions on their own, but when they turn 18, they become an adult and can take their responsibilities on their own. They become independent legally and then they start to live their life according to their wish. So the 18th birthday of any boy or a girl is very special and the most awaited birthday to them. The 18th birthday of any boy or a girl is special and memorable in a teenage person’s life since it stamps a conversion into adulthood as well as independence from being a dependent boy or a girl.

I think I deserve an Oscar for remembering your birthday and wishing you on time. Happy 18th birthday, dear!


Congratulations…wait…not for your birthday…but for becoming legally able to buy a bottle of wine. Happy birthday, dear!


Now you are 18 years old so think of buying your meal yourself. A tip, wake up late so you can skip your breakfast and save some money for the rest 2 meals, ha-ha. Happy birthday, dear!


Happy 18th birthday to a guy who has transformed into hundred pounds from just a couple of pounds.


Congratulations! Finally, you have grown from a small guy in a diaper to a diaper-free guy. Happy birthday!


Hurry up! Find yourself another place to live. Congratulations on entering into adulthood life.


Now you are old enough not to be wished in dollars and cents. So wish you a simple happy 18th birthday.


Be careful my friend! Now you are not legally allowed to cause any trouble because now 911 can be called. Happy birthday, sweetheart!


Time has really flown very quickly! I still remember the days when you were a guy with a runny nose all the time and now you’re an adult. Anyway, congratulations and happy birthday.
Congratulations! Your belly is no flatter. What an achievement in the 18 years. Happy celebrations!


A bitter truth! Everyone grows old but not everyone becomes wise and you are one of them. Don’t be sad and enjoy your birthday.


Age is just a number, don’t let it kill your silly child that everyone has inside. Happy 18th birthday!


You are now an adult man so stop expecting gifts. This would be enough…Happy birthday, dear!


I don’t understand! Why your intelligence is not growing with your age. Prove me wrong by inviting me to your birthday party. Happy birthday!


Finally, the day has come when the star was born but unfortunately, that was not a shining star. Happy 18th birthday, dear!


Hope adulthood brings at least one change in your life that you will be less annoying. Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart!


A very happy birthday to the guy who was picked from the road 18 years ago and brought up to such a handsome man.


Finally, the day has come when you were born to steal my share of love from mom and dad. Happy birthday, dear!


Do you know why you are my favorite friend? Because you are dumb and I feel intelligent with you. Happy 18th birthday, friend!


Let me tell you a funny thing which amuses me! The makeup you do is unable to hide your age. Happy birthday, sweetie!


Today I am very happy and thankful…as I am not the only oldest person here. Happy 18th birthday, dear!


Don’t worry if you feel tired or pain while running as it is common among people of your age. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to a friend who can tell me when the bread was only a few cents.


Don’t waste your time counting the candles on the cake, just cut it…be sure they are many. Happy 18th birthday!


I hope you’re not looking for a job on your birthday. Have a blast while you’re still not paying taxes.


With great power comes great responsibility, but not necessarily the other way round. Enjoy your special day!


Happy Birthday! Now you are finally perfectly legal to continue doing everything you’ve been doing for the past five years!


I know you are now someone who no longer needs to be told what to do but make sure you have an amazing birthday today!


You can now get a job, start paying your own car insurance, and vote! Lucky you! Have a great and responsible birthday!


Happy Birthday! Today is your first day of adulthood! Get out there and live it up! So many fun things to do now! Nah, not really. You get to pay your own bills and that’s about it.


Happy 18th Birthday. Have a glorious rest of your life!


Congratulations! You’ve managed to reach the age where you’re responsible for things that used to be excused. Is that a real reason to party for?


The first day of the rest of your life has just begun! You better hang on because it’s going to be one heck of a bumpy ride and it’s not a ride you can just jump off.


From one adult to another: Hahahahahaha! It’s all been a farce. Being an adult is not all late nights and no curfews. However, don’t worry, happy Birthday and best of luck to you!


The days of doing mindless baby things are over. It’s now time to start doing mindless things for grown-ups.


I’m happy you’re finally 18! You now have your own part to play in running the home.


Now that you’re finally an adult, no more pampering – you can do all the cleaning up by yourself. Welcome to adulthood!


Welcome to a free world where there are no rules on how late can you return from a party and no laws of being grounded. Happy 18th birthday.


18 is one of the best years in life for it signifies that you are now able to do adult things while acting like a child. Happy Birthday!


Happy 18th birthday! You’re an adult now. Now you can do everything legally you’ve been illegally doing since you were a kid.


Happy birthday. Don’t be sad you’re a year older. Keep your chin up…if you can! Well, you know what I mean.


Even though you have this year and next year to be a teenager, you’re done being a child. Congratulations on becoming an adult.


Happy birthday and since you’re an adult now, I wanted to remind you that just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a wise choice!


Eighteen is a tricky age. You have the freedom to do everything but the money to do nothing. Happy 18th birthday.


Happy birthday! At this point in your life, you should really think of making a new start. You should really start lying about your age.


Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you don’t have to listen to my advice. I suggest you have a happy 18th birthday.


Happy Independence Day. Today, your life officially becomes a democracy as it receives freedom from the dictatorship of your parents. Happy 18th birthday.


Stop Aging. No, seriously, stop aging. You’re a perfect age right now. It doesn’t get any better than 18.


Congratulations! From today, you can do the things you wished to do when you were 12! Wait for another 7 years before you can do the crazy things you’re planning to do today!


Happy 18th birthday. You’re officially at a stage of your life where you’re no longer eligible to play with kids and not mature enough to hang out with adults.


With great regret and unfathomable remorse, I’m sending this message to inform you that your sweet childhood has expired!


Welcome to adulthood! Did you know that things they called ‘fun’ back in the days when you were 12, are now considered as possible felonies with lengthy prison sentences?


Alice Cooper wrote a song about you, and I think you are just now old enough to listen to it. Enjoy my recommendation.


Congratulations for finally becoming an adult. Maybe you want to start behaving like one too? Happy 18th birthday.


Turning eighteen is an important milestone in everyone’s life. Being an adult certainly has its privileges – like buying cigarettes and lotto tickets! Happy Birthday!


Your 18th birthday should be a national holiday! Allow me to honor your eighteen years of life by taking the day off. Happy Birthday!


Eighteen years ago today, you emerged from the womb. Congratulations on your adulthood! Happy Birthday!


On your birthday, I hope you have a wild and crazy celebration! But not too crazy – you can be legally tried as an adult now. Happy Birthday!


Congratulations on having another birthday! Statistically speaking, people who have more birthdays live longer, so keep up the good work! Happy Birthday!


On your 18th birthday, go crazy! Eat some cake, cause some trouble, take your pants off! Or don’t. Happy Birthday!


You’re the best! If we were in the Hunger Games, I’d kill you last. Happy Birthday!


On your birthday, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give you. Unless we had to jump out of a plane with just one parachute – then you’re on your own. Happy Birthday!

Whether the boy or girl who is celebrating his or her birthday is your relative, child, friend, or familiar, sending nice, funny, and heartfelt wishes can put a long-lasting smile on his or her face. The best thing is, you don’t have to search far to have inspiration on the perfect wordings to build for the celebrant’s special day. We have everything for you here in this article. 18th birthday is such a unique and special celebration for all growing up persons, whether they are boy or girl. This is the very first day of their adulthood and the most special birthday among all of them.

Funny Birthday Wishes For First 18th Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

Most of the young people wait for this special day to celebrate their special 18th birthday with lots of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. After all, it brings the freedom of life forever and the unmatched opportunity to select everything by their own decision. Here we have a perfect compilation about Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday and messages to send them who is going to enjoy his or her 18th birthday recently.

Happy Birthday Friend!
You look like a million bucks.
Now that you’re eighteen,
You’ll see the real world sucks!


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You’re a legal adult!
Happy Birthday to you!


Now that you’re eighteen, I feel I have to give you three pieces of crucial advice.
1.Never give up on your dreams.

2.Never bite off more than you can chew.
3.And never, ever take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time.
Happy Birthday!


On your eighteenth birthday, you should think about your future. Don’t dwell on the past. And definitely don’t think about the present…because I didn’t get you one. Happy Birthday!


Today is your special day
And I just wanted to say
I hope for your sake
You eat lots of cake
And that everything goes your way!


Happy Facebook Notification Day! I hope you receive many well wishes from creepers and acquaintances. Happy 18th Birthday!


Congratulations on turning eighteen! You’re no longer considered a bad driver! May you live long enough to be so old that your driving becomes dangerous again. Have a great birthday!


Happy 18th Birthday! That’s 126 in dog years. Congratulations, old timer.


It’s hard to believe you’re turning eighteen today. Seems like just yesterday you were in diapers! We’ve enjoyed watching you grow up into the magnificent person you are! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Eighteen-Year-Old! You really are special! (But not in a “special ed” way.) Happy Birthday!


Happy 18th Birthday! I’d know it was your birthday even if it wasn’t posted on Facebook. Have a great day!


A little birdie told me today is your eighteenth birthday! And I thought to myself, “OMG A TALKING BIRD!” Happy Birthday.


It’s your 18th birthday. You’ve earned the right to stay classy, be sassy, and a little smart assey! Happy Birthday!


On your birthday, I hope you are happier than a bird with a French fry! Treat yourself. Happy Birthday!


Happy 18th Birthday to our favorite Lil turtle-dove.


We’ve lived together for 18 years, but it only took the last 8 to realize how awesome you are. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, you finally get to do what you want. Your parents are like, hope it’s legal.


Surprise! Happy Birthday! You’re now officially old.


When you turn 18, everyone remembers your age by how many months you’ve been alive. For example, I’ve been alive eight months? Okay… Bye?


Someone asked me what I wanted for my 18th birthday… “I want a tall glass of water and a reliable hangover cure.”


You find out 2018 was the year you were 18 again—whenever you turn that number over for the rest of your life.


There’s a lot of pressure on 18 year-olds. Parents want to know if you plan to go to college or not, and your teachers want to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life.


At this age, your average 18-year-old is struggling to find an open table at the Cheesecake Factory. You, my friend, are not average.


Everybody has a friend who thinks they’re cool, funny, and an expert on everything. #tbt

Finally, we can throw out those diapers!


Treat yourself today.


Happy 18th birthday! You’re officially legal.


I never wished for it, so I can’t complain, but you would be mistaken if you thought I’d stop whining on my 18th birthday.


One year down… 99 to go. Happy birthday, 18th!


And so the big 1-8… I know we don’t always get along, but you will always be my kid, and I will always love you. Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday to the most crucial person in the world. You are so loved!!


If you’re having a birthday… it means you survived another year of being 17.


May all your personal victories smell as sweet as a three-ounce bag of flavored coffee grounds. Happy 18th birthday.


You don’t turn eighteen once; you turn eighteen over and over again.


It’s a funny feeling being 18 and watching your friends graduate. It feels wrong, yet so right.


Happiest of birthdays to my most favorite human ever.


Turning 18 is more of an act of philosophy than biology.


I had some excellent times with you. I hope you’re ready for what’s next.


Down with this cake.



Just want to wish my younger self a happy 18th birthday. Hope you’re having fun and not doing anything crazy. Whatever crazy is. 🤡


Happy birthday to my man. Here’s to 18 years of best friendships– you are indeed a gift, whether it’s laughing about the day I peed on you or crying together because life is hard. I love you to the moon and back.



Don’t call me grandpa! Happy #18thBirthday.


For most people, 18 is just a number. But for you, it’s the number of unforgettable memories you’re one year closer to making with all of your friends and family.


Now that you’re 18, it’s officially time to celebrate you. Happy Birthday!



When life gives you lemons, make a margarita. Happy 18th birthday to my little #mamacita!


Today is a big day! Happy birthday, sweetie!’


Happy Birthday! I love you so much, my perfect baby. It’s hard not to look into your eyes and see all the way into your soul.


18 and over and in charge. When we go out with you, we look like we’re in control; when we go out with friends, we look like we’re in charge. What do you think about that? Haha! Happy.


Happy 18th birthday I love you !!! I didn’t want to wish you the best birthday ever… that’s every birthday! Instead, I wanted to wish you an incredible year… which your birthday is each year.



Happy 18th birthday to my favorite 18-year old!



What’s cooler than being 18? Being 18 with a six-pack. Happy sweet 18.



It’s funny how life follows a funny pattern. You spend 18 years looking forward to the day when you’ll be an adult, and then your 18th year, you wish you were still a kid.


Just turned 18? Celebrate with a day of partying, then enjoy being an adult by never having to do this again.



I think 18 is the new 15, but with better driving privileges. Happy Birthday!



Happy birthday, #1, son! My dad thought you were a good influence on me. Now, I’m not so sure…



It’s your birthday!!! … and we won’t take no for an answer.



May the giant 18-wheeler of adulthood be filled with all the good things in life without too many speeding tickets.


Happy 18th birthday wish, and happy 18th to you! May the rest of your life be as hilarious as this picture.



Your 18th birthday is a milestone of immense magnitude, so we’re throwing you the party of your lifetime. #happy18thbirthday

These birthday wishes are funny, inspiring, and perfectly compiled around the whole website and also able to make your wish more effective for the celebration of this day of an 18 years old boy or a girl. The 18th birthday is a remarkable day in everybody’s life when someone officially becomes an adult. That doesn’t mean that you start to act like an adult, that usually comes into you much later, if ever possible. What it does mean is, you may get many of the privileges and rights of an adult, along with the responsibilities.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cute 18th Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

In simple words, it’s a great, beautiful, somewhat meaningful milestone. If you know someone, who is turning 18, whether he or she is your friend or a relative, it just wouldn’t do to let the huge day go by without wishing them special Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday. You know that the 18th birthday is indeed an amazing day for all of the growing teenagers since a person turns into 18th in many countries, they legally enter into their adulthood with grow up privileges like voting, driving, etc.

Happy 18th birthday! You have so much life left ahead, don’t waste time being boring or uncool.



If0 I’m not old enough to do what I want, then stop making plans for me! Happy 18th Birthday, Princess.


Happy 18th birthday! You’re my biggest dream come true.


Don’t be a baby about it; you’re a young lady now with a right to vote and a credit card. Join the thousands of people taking advantage of this unbelievable opportunity to show off with your very own Gold Star 18th.


That awkward moment when you realize you will never be this young again. Happy birthday.


When we met, we were like the most boring people in the world. But now we’re like a pair of rainbow highlighters, and all your friends love us more than they like you. Happy birthday, best friend.



Good looks are only one of the many, MANY perks of being 18.



I have a theme song that goes, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you….”



OMG…. I’m eighteen today. I don’t think it has hit me or sunk in yet. I mean, like, I know it’s my birthday and that I am 18, but it hasn’t felt.


Didn’t even know my birthday was a national holiday.


This year for your birthday I’m going to give you the gift of a lifetime. You’ll never have to buy another present for yourself ever again.


I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom. Happy 18.


I’ve heard that feeling old is better than the alternative, but holy crap, it’s tough. Happy Turning 18th Birthday to my son!


You might be an adult now, but I’ll still think you’re pretty funny. Happy #18thBirthday!


Happy 18th birthday! Have a blast at prom. You are old enough now to do things that would get me arrested in 22 states.”


Happy 18th Birthday, Eric! I hope you enjoyed your special day because now everyone gets to pay for your car insurance!


Hope your 18th year is everything it should be (and more). Wishing you health, happiness, and all the best.



You truly are a firework; Happy Birthday.


No one knows what it’s like to be 18. Only other people who are 18 know what it’s like to be 18.


Yo, just a couple of years ago, I was in high school #happybirthday



18 is not old; it’s freaking fantastic.



How’s it going? I’m only 18, and I already need glasses.


I can’t believe my childhood is almost over.


You only turn 18 once, so make it count.



That time of the month, your 18th birthday.”


You know you’re not a child anymore when your parents let you purchase your own cake. Happy Bday!


Can you believe that eighteen years ago, my mommy went into labor with me?! If that’s not a great reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is. Happy birthday!


I used to hate when my mom would tell me, “It’s your birthday, so you have to have fun.” But now I get it. I’m going to have a good time no matter what—birth.


18 isn’t the number… it’s the alphabet. And you know, alphabet always comes before number.


I’m 18 today & I’ve already achieved my life dream of having the same age as my shoe size.


Don’t forget to say “thank you” because you can’t get a driver’s license unless many people help us out. Hope you have a day so good it makes other people jealous!


Happy 18th birthday. It will be a year of significant changes, but you’ll know what to expect if these years are anything like the last 17.


Happy 18th birthday to my best friend 🥰 #thewish


CHEERS! To turning out right and staying that way. Happy Birthday.



Oh no! Another year older and still no car! Congrats on making it this far, but please–at least set me up on tinder.


Celebrate this milestone with friends and family—and don’t forget the cake!



So how old are you, really?


Happy 18th birthday! You look so old right now.


We wish you a happy 18th birthday and many more to come.


I’m not saying I won’t miss you, but I also won’t cry. Good luck living on your own! #happy18thbirthday


If you like your birthday like you like your coffee: hot and plentiful. happy 18th!


You’ve grown so much since the first day 18 years ago. Although you’re no longer a kid, always be my little. I love you. Happy bday.


Best wishes for turning 18. You are no longer a child, but you never stop being my child.


Happy Birthday! Now you’re legally old enough to know better than to do whatever silly thing you’re about to do. You’re so close to being an adult, but your shoes still smell like teen spirit.



Happy eighteen. You’re not at all what I imagined you to be, but shockingly better than I expected.



We’re just a few years apart in age, but we’ve been friends for longer than I can remember. Happy birthday, dude! #HappyBirthday



Before you turn 18, you’re not allowed to do anything. Just sit around and wait.



Feeling old? I was just joking. You are #18, after all!




Wish you all the success that life can bring, especially when it comes to large dinners.



Finally legal and suddenly able to vote. The perfect combination.



I wish you all the happiest days of your life.


To make it to 18 without ruining your parents’ credit, you must be the best child in the history of children. Happy birthday!


Happy 18th Birthday Suzanne, may all your dreams come true.



Happy 18th birthday to my friend and twin. I don’t think we’ve ever been apart for more than a week, and I can’t imagine life without you in it.




Happy 18th birthday to the person who isn’t afraid to stand out.


It might be legal for you to drink now, but don’t drive. #18thBirthdayBoy


Happy 18th birthday to the one who makes me feel like I should be wearing crop tops and singing Shakira songs.


You’re officially a grown-up. We love you! Put it in a park and take a second to appreciate this fantastic milestone.


Happy 18th birthday to the funniest, most sarcastic person known to man. Happy birthday and may we never grow old.



You’re the little swan that will always outgrow your nest. Happy 18th birthday!


This is the day you’ve been waiting for since middle school #happy18thbirthday


Happy birthday to my favorite number 18 ❤ #birthday


Ready for your close-up, Mr. DeMille! Happy birthday, #18


We’re so excited for you to reach 18. 18 and fabulous.


It’s your birthday! The one-time event when everyone is allowed to be stupid.


Here’s to the best day of your life. And many more BYO-birthday cakes to come.


Being Fifty is better than being eighteen because you have more money and you don’t want to kill yourself.


You’re old enough now to hear the truth, so here goes: Your taste in music sucks. Happy 18.

This is the first year of their adulthood and the most special birthday among all of them, and it confirms you that you are no longer a little child, but a mature and grown man or woman, free of the dependency of your parents & other guardians. In fact, many of the teenagers continuously wait for this day to celebrate their special 18th birthday celebration with loads of excitement and enjoyment because it brings maturity in life and a big opportunity to select each and everything on their own.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Crazy 18th Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday

At this such a special birthday, Funny Birthday Wishes For 18th Birthday must be lovey and special. Here is the perfect collection of Funny Birthday Wishes For the 18th Birthday that motivates you. You just have to take care of your jokes while cracking on them in your Funny Birthday Wishes For the 18th Birthday, which no words could hurt the birthday boy or a girl.