101+Heartfelt Happy 21st Birthday Wishes For boy and Girl

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Happy 21st birthday wishes

The 21st year of our life is the most wonderful and fun year. It holds up many exciting and memorable events for a long time. It is the first year of our adult life. We love to step into the new world with happiness and excitement. No matter from which angle we are seeing the 21st year is the most exciting year of our life. If you are getting to know someone who is turning 21 and you want some different ideas along with some wishes to make him or her feel happy then you are on the right page.

Here we will give you a complete detailed view of the 21st year of our life. Along with this, you will get different ideas of wishing someone who is just turning 21. When we talk about the importance of birthdays we get to know that it is the most beautiful milestone of our life. The birthday moments are memorable and the most beautiful ones that come once in our life. Our birthday plays a very important role in our life and heart. It holds up different beautiful memories and takes us to the throwback of the past year.

When it is the 21st birthday of our child or someone who is turning 21 then we know that is the most happening year of his or her life. We called it another leap into adulthood. It is the age where you are officially an adult. The expectation level of a 21-year-old boy or girl increases to the next year. We have to celebrate their birthday with full excitement and love. They don’t want to get bore in their 21st year. They want to make their 21st year the most beautiful and memorable one. All you can do is you can make their 21st year the happiest one by celebrating their birthday to the next level of happiness and excitement.

You can fulfill their happiness and expectations with your love, support, and care. All you have to do is just celebrate their 21st birthday like you never did before. Make them feel some changes and tell them that they are officially an adult now. They will surely love your support and care and the way you treated them on the 21st year they will never forget it for a lifetime. There are many different ways of celebrating the 21st year of someone’s life but the best one is to make them feel the difference between their previous life and the new adult life.

Special 21st Birthday Wishes For Son

happy 21st birthday wishes

Finally, you have reached the realm of true adulthood. I hope you love every wonderful thing in the fabulously thrilling universe that exists. Happy birthday on the 21st year!

Hey! Hurrah! Your days of driving with a false ID across town are almost done! Happy birthday on the 21st year!

The rewards of turning 21 are thrilling and infinite. I hope every single one of them loves you. Wishing you a 21st birthday of ridiculously pleasure!

Welcome to 21, the most satisfying period in the world! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday on the 21st! You made it to a fourth of your life, actually. Enjoy to the max the remaining three fourths!

Happy birthday on the 21st! Today for all the days of your journey on this world, may your sky always shine with the glorious rays of the sun.

Happy birthday! Make sure that all the excitement that follows 21 is not lost.

As you mark your 21st birthday, we wish you all the love and blessings your life will hold. Get a terrific one!

Happy birthday, friend, and congratulations on today’s incredible turn of 21! Will this lovely period be the beginning for you of many decades of prosperity and wonderful achievements.

Wishing one of the most marvellous people on earth an unforgettably happy 21st birthday.

You’re the most beautiful 21-year-old in the world, undeniably. I hope you have a super-duper, fun 21st birthday bash for yourself!

The explanation that my life has been more amazing than it has ever been these past few years is that you live in it. To me, you’re an angel, my love. Happy birthday on the 21st!

21 looks amazing on you, totally. Can your beauty be as timeless as the stars. Happy birthday on the 21st!

I wish you, on your 21st birthday, the greatest treasure of your life. True pleasure. Will Heaven provide you with an infinite supply of it. My dear, happy birthday.

Your twenty-first year on this planet is definitely a momentous occasion in your life. I hope it will bring you all the pleasure that your lovely heart deserves. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Hey! Hurrah! It’s the 21st celebration of your world-wide arrival! Wishing you nothing short of a beautiful explosion when you celebrate this special day!

One is never completely free until he or she turns 21. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Congratulations to you for having achieved this wonderful landmark in life. Get a gorgeous 21st birthday, a year and a lifetime.

Nothing makes me happier than watching you so gracefully turn 21. Let the happy smile that God gifted you with never leave your face today. Happy birthday!

Can you open the door to your success on your 21st birthday. Happy birthday on the 21st!

You deserve nothing but the best, to be such a great friend to me… on your 21st birthday and every blessed day of your life.

I pray and hope that your 21st birthday will be full of the guiltiest of pleasures! Got a fabulous day!

Cute 21st Birthday Wishes For Daughter

happy 21st birthday wishes

Your twenty-first anniversary gives me the perfect chance to remind me how lucky I am to have a great friend and angel by my side like you. May your big day be so beautiful that you will remember it forever.

As you celebrate 21 years of life on planet Earth, may the power be with you! Happy 21st birthday!

Happy birthday on the 21st! Hoping that you enjoy all the incredible rights and advantages that this amazing age has to bring to the fullest.

May God hear all your wishes for birthdays and make them come true. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Wishing you a strong ocean of fun on your 21st birthday. May all things that are nice and lovely make their way to you everywhere you go.

We wish you an unbelievably happy 21st birthday! Can every blessed day of your life give you the bliss of heaven.

Yay!-Yay! You have actually grabbed the independence you’ve been waiting for! So throw all your fake IDs away and let’s paint red on this town! Wishing you a life of tremendous excitement as a 21-year-old!

Happy birthday on the 21st! Not only are you the youngest 21-year-old in the world, but you’re the coolest, too. May God never stop your life from being decorated.

I just have one greeting for you on your 21st birthday. Never stop being proud of who you are, and you are great. Can perfection and blessings forever surround you.

Can the heart know harmony and real happiness for as long as the sun shines. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Let this 21st birthday that you enjoy today bless you beyond your wildest dreams with prosperity, contentment and satisfaction.Happy 21st birthday!

21 does not reflect an ordinary landmark. So I wish you a fabulously happy 21st birthday from the bottom of my heart. Will this milestone celebration bring you in life to higher heights.

May your life’s happy moments be as endless as the sands on this earth’s surface. Happy birthday on the 21st!

For taking you to me, I still thank the heavens. Happy 21st birthday, darling of mine.

Your days of being held back are in the past now. So here is a toast to your new-found freedom in the world to have all the fun! Happy birthday on the 21st!

You’ll never miss out on all those awesome 21+ gigs now that you’ve turned 21! Prepare yourself for the fun of your life. Happy birthday!

Life is too short, so enjoy all the fun it has to give to be 21. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Happy birthday on the 21st! Never feel sorry for getting older, because it is a blessing that many do not get to enjoy being able to grow older and enjoy life.

Age 21 is unquestionably the blast! Relax and enjoy the thrilling magic with which this excellent era comes. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Wishing an incredible person a glorious 21st birthday! The pleasure and fun of this age is extraordinary. Enjoy every little bit of this awesome life in which you have been blessed.

Happy birthday on the 21st! Blessed beyond words are you, my friend, to see this extraordinary age. Count your blessings and have a festival of colour!

Oh, congratulations! Without the help of a false ID, now you can drink all the alcohol you want. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Hoping for your 21st year as a resident of Planet Earth signals the beginning of your life’s most colourful and productive years. Happy birthday on the 21st!

Congratulations to you on your 21st birthday, my lovely niece. The very fact that, in such perfect health and grace, you turn 21 today sure brings a lot of joy to my heart. Happy birthday. Oh, I love you.

Hear Touching 21st Birthday Wishes For Sister

happy 21st birthday wishes

You know that life is a sacred blessing from Heaven and love every minute of it as you look forward to a new life as a young lady. Sending your way with plenty of love and blessings. Happy 21st birthday.

Yay!-Yay! Finally, you’re legal! All the fun things you’ve always wanted to do, you can now legally do! My dear sister is having a great 21st birthday.

One of the most thrilling chapters in the life of a human is turning 21. I hope you will know how fortunate you are and thoroughly appreciate this special day. happy birthday, Sis.

Happy birthday on the 21st! As turning 21 happens just once in a lifetime, we’re going to enjoy this day like nobody’s business. Put on your party shoes and in honour of you, we will party all night long!

Just once should you turn 21! Seize this moment and enjoy it with joy. A moment is worth it.

To my dearest mate, happy birthday. Congratulations on completing the age of 21. Let the happy times go rolling!

For your 21st birthday, here is a word of wisdom: Wonderful independence comes with lots of obligation. Get fun and live cleverly.

Your day is, I think, incredible. Spend it with friends and family, that when you turn 21 and when you turn 51, they’re all going to be there for you. Happy 21st birthday!

Just once do we get to celebrate your 21st birthday. So let’s dance and have a night that you’re not going to miss.

Oh, congratulations! You are off “designated driver” duties now that you’re 21. Get some cocktails and enjoy them.

I can’t forget your birthday, you know, especially because it’s your 21st birthday. Wishing you the best of all on your special day.

So grateful to have been graced for 21 lovely years with your presence. Enjoy the 20’s! A fabulous moment!

Too legit to leave, you are! Happy birthday on the 21st! I hope you’re old enough to hang out with those big boys all night now.

When you are young and having fun, time flies. Enjoying the 20s. Before you know… you’re going to knock on thirty. Happy 21st birthday to you, boyfriend!

I know it’s your 21st birthday, so let’s not say that this is your very first alcoholic drink.

Since our childhood years, we’ve been friends. I can’t imagine that you have turned 21. Wishing both of you the best!

Set for your life’s best birthday night? Brace yourself, and for a treat, you’re in. From your friends, Happy 21st Birthday!

Finally, the day you’ve been dreaming of is listening. The countdown has started! Happy birthday on the 21st!

You’re the blessing that continues to deliver. What you’ve given me is 21 years of bliss. I hope this wish for your birthday is a special surprise.

Take chances and be bold. Now is the moment to make the errors you will regret later in your life. Get a superb 21st birthday.

Showing the passion is all right. You’re 21 and the thrill is worth it. Have a birthday full of pleasure.

On this marvellous day, you look as stunning as ever. Your 21st birthday, I think, will bring you many amazing memories.

I’m proud of the person you’ve become. Beyond your years, so accountable and smart. I hope you’re inspired by your 21st birthday to make the best of life.

Look how far it’s made you! You’re another year older, and you’re another smarter year. Happy birthday on the 21st.

Unique 21st Birthday Wishes For Brother

happy 21st birthday wishes

This is the twenty-first celebration of the day you were evicted from your mother’s womb. Congratulations and happy birthday on the 21st!

Make sure that you think big and meet your objectives. Note that the easiest tasks contribute to the happiest life, with all of your performance. Always caring, Happy 21st birthday.

In the universe, there is nothing that could come between your 21st birthday celebration and me. Happy 21st birthday!

Time doesn’t belong on our side. For second thinking, no time. Let’s chuck caution into the wind and act like tomorrow isn’t here. Now you’re 21. We’re celebrating!

It’s a joyful day. Happy birthday to you on the 21st. I hope your birthday is as awesome as it is for you.

You’ve got so many blessings for your 21st birthday to count on. Appreciate all the little material. Happy 21st birthday.

Congratulations on overcoming two decades of your life blissfully. Welcome to the youth level & by reinventing yourself, make the most of your life. Happy birthday!

For your 21st birthday, congratulations! Today is just a happy day for you, but since you were part of our lives, every day of the past few years has been special for us. Love the princess of you.

Congratulations on your birthday, too. Note that we are not only celebrating another year, but we are thankful for the blessing that God gave 21 years ago to our family and friends.

My Brother’s Happy Birthday. Your road will always be full of light happiness, I pray. I want you to always be the kind, majestic and influential man, as you have been for the past 20 years.

Happy dear 21st birthday. May you still be happy, may it be greater than it already is & may your road be glorious & smooth!

21st birthday, by showing you the path to femininity, let the girl-self forsake her life. Try to be this nice girl and become what you want to be in the future. You should always depend on your parents and we are always here to support anytime you need to. Happy 21st birthday!

The most important of all birthdays is to complete 20 years and along with it come even more commitments, new dreams and other loves. Receive my best wishes for a birthday of enjoyment.

21st birthday, which is such a significant day for a woman in particular. It’s your day today, and you were a special, wonderful sister. Congratulations, handsome girlfriend!

With fitness, peace and love, happy birthday and best wishes for more years of life! Thank you for being who you are & being like that at all times.

I just want to thank you for all these 21 years of being with me and bringing endless joys to my life. I am thankful for our constant talks, our celebrations, our countless advice, and the reliance on your shoulder. I love you and I’ve got a sister for Happy 21st Birthday.

May God replenish your life with blessings, and happiness never leaves your way no matter what happens! Today is a special day and it’s your beloved daughter’s 21st birthday, and I want to wish you all the best of your life.

Happy 21st birthday! I hope that there is only space for good in your life and that you continue to yield only what really counts and needs, may it be full of friendships.

Happy 21st birthday, you stunning niece! I hope for you to have all the world’s amazing wishes & the biggest successes. I wish you the wealth of opportunities and positivity to see life lightly, with a happy and caring spirit.

Twenty precious years have already gone, but for us, this little girl who we nurtured & raised will still remain. We are proud of you to be such a beautiful one. Happy 21st birthday!

I want you to have the biggest birthday party of the past few years today on your 21st birthday to make it special. Can your coming years be jam-packed with blessings and good deeds! Happy 21st birthday.

Happy birthday, mate. You are a kind soul, and you deserve all of this world’s happiness. Your mates are grateful to be able to share your relationship and companionship. Have good wellbeing and many years of living in the future.

Today is a very special day since you have completed another birthday and entered into adulthood. And you’ve done a tremendous job of deserving a monumental celebration. Compliments and best wishes!

Congratulations on beginning your 1920s journey! May God bless you to fulfil all the wishes of your heart, to protect you and to teach you wisdom, and I hope that peace will lead you forever.

Cute Happy 20th Birthday Wishes For Boy

A 21-year-old boy or girl needs your love and supports more than the birthday cakes and gifts. Here you will get different beautiful ideas of delivering your love and support to them with the help of birthday wishes. When we talk about the importance of birthday wishes we come to know that birthday wishes give a beautiful way to our sentences and words. We can easily deliver our point in the form of beautiful and lovely birthday wishes. These wishes help you to show your love and thoughts to the birthday person. You can easily say what you really want to say to them. Your words will be more powerful with the help of birthday wishes.

If you are planning to make the 21st birthday of a boy or girl the most exciting one then you can make their birthday a more exciting one with your birthday wishes. You can help them in entering adult life with full confidence by sending them supportive birthday wishes with some cute birthday gift. A 21-year-old person will surely feel excited when they will read those beautiful birthday wishes. You can give them a surprise birthday party with their fellows and loved ones to make them feel that they are very special to you and you really care for them.

Along with this, you can send them a beautiful picture and video collage to get them back to the beautiful throwback of past years of their life. A cute smile will surely appear on their face after seeing this beautiful gift. No matter, whatever you do for them on the 21st birthday but the main thing is your words. You can easily make them happy and excited with your beautiful birthday wishes.

This content is filled with 101 plus happy 21st birthday wishes for boys and girls. We have highlighted some beautiful, heart touching, inspirational, lovely, supportive, cute, and funny birthday wishes that will surely make the 21st year of your boy and girl the most amazing and exciting one. These wishes will help you to deliver your words of love and care for the 21-year-old boy or girl in the right and beautiful way.