101+ Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy And Baby Girl

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes

Happy 2nd Birthday


 Happy 2nd Birthday wishes are most remarkable. Birthdays are celebrated to give a throw back memory of your past years. this event plays a very important role in our life. People use to celebrate this day with full love, happiness and excitement. It comes once a year that’s why everyone wants to make this day the best day of their life. Birthdays are very special because it highlights all of the good and bad events of the past year.

Birthday is the day when you steeped in the world with a lot of love and different emotions. Some people celebrate their birthday to thank God for the beautiful and blessed life. This is the way of thanking God for several reasons. Birthdays refreshes your mind and takes you to the past years of your life. It is the time when you celebrate the day and remember all of the past life incidents in a happy way. Happy Second Birthday Quotes are helpful for babys birthday.

Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

Happy 2nd Birthday for Baby Boy


Happy second birthday to our family’s cutest and most jovial participant. May it turn out that the future is as brilliant as the sun.

The future is you. It looks pretty bright with you by our side right now. Happy birthday, small one.

I don’t have super powers to hand on to you, so you’re not going to need them. You look pretty cold all by yourself, birthday babe.

Happy 2nd Birthday Granddaughter Quotes

Today I wish you a 2nd one,

Happy 2nd Birthday Daughter
A birthday full of magic and fantasy
Magic, dear child of mine!

A child’s creativity is just an imagination.
A beautiful thing to witness, and to witness,
To see how inquisitive you are now,
It just shows me you’re going to
To be a short, very imaginative tot!

Get a happy second birthday and a happy second birthday.  A happy childhood indeed, little one!

The most delightful two-year-old deserves today’s most special birthday! Little one, happy 2nd birthday!

I hope your day will be full of passion, laughter and plenty of little giggles!

You are such a sweet kid, and the most enchanting, most beautiful thing in the entire world is your smile!

Happy 2nd birthday wishes at the end of the year
Two-year-old, the sweetest!

You bring so much joy and so much love,
Gladness to the hearts of all of those
That’s around you for today, for today, on
I’m waiting for your birthday, for the
To be returned to you the same way!
Have a love-filled second of a second . Happy 2nd birthday, cute one!

I can’t trust how many you’ve got
It has been – since last year!
You are so much stronger, and you are already. You have begun to grow your adorable. No attitude, all during the course
For just one year!

Still be happy and continue to bloom,
The little one. I hope you have a marvellous one, Today’s second birthday and several more, Amazing childhood years ahead!

Happy 2nd birthday to our bundle of happiness!

Happiness! Thank you for blessing our lives with the help of the last 2 years of absolute pleasure!

Without doubt, you are the single most
Anything important in our lives! We love you, we love you such a huge amount, little one!

Happy birthday to the most delightful 2-year-old!

Ever-old! You’re such an inquisitive guy.
It’s a little matter, and it’s quite obvious who you are Growing up is going to be really clever!

Dream wide still and reach for the Stars, kid one! You’re so special, so special, that You will probably move on to do so,Wonderful stuff in this country!

Wishing you the most delightful 2nd birthday!

My lovely boy, you’ve invested a lot of money already, On this planet for two entire year!

You’ve brought me pleasure every day but
And just as I thought I haven’t been able to love you, My heart tricks me more than I do and it tricks me and my love or you keeps rising with you,Per passing day.

You’re so precious to me and in my life you’ll always be the most important human being.
I wish you the happiest life possible, and a very happy 2nd birthday, of course!

With all my bones, I love you, little one!

Some people celebrate their birthdays to open up the door of the new mercies, new happiness, new amazing moments and new life. It is the year when we will experience new blessings of the Lord. Thats why people celebrate this day in the most amazing way. Our birthdays is the chance to acknowledge our existence. For some people birthdays are the most important source of happiness and joy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for baby boy

I’m here to make sure you’re doing well on your second birthday. Oh god I love this gorgeous baby boy.

You look smart even though you are only two years old. You might be the most intelligent man after eighteen years. Enjoy sweetheart!

As you grow up, your naughtiness reaches a peak. I love all of your stupid, cute deeds. Wishing you an incredible 2nd birthday, honey.

2 It’s a lot of pleasure to be the father of the best 2-year-old ever. Happy Mate’s Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Daughter Quotes

The birthday of a two-year-old baby boy with two dimples is being celebrated. He is a very sweet son of mine.

If you’re reading this you’ll know that your 2nd birthday was amazing and that your party was special. I hope that now, while you are a complete man, you feel cool.

It’s really hard to believe that today you are two, and the rate at which you learn how to talk, walk, and jump is amazing. I’m glad to be your [father/mother].

With two hands, with two legs! Two eyes, a couple of ears! This is a cute son of mine who’s always ready for the potty. Congrats for turning 2 honey!

Cute kids on their birthdays always get gifts and you’re always cute. Your mom can’t wait to see how many gifts you’re going to get this time around.

My brand new baby boy is getting a little older and approaching the second milestone in his life. I wish you a very happy day, darling. You are cute my love.

My life—my kids. Can you rescue yourself from evil eyes and have a safe, affluent life ahead of you.
The biggest star in heaven fell directly into my lap.

Enjoying spending my time in the car with you. Have my sweetheart a wonderful second birthday.

My life changed completely after your arrival. I’ve forgotten how to be free to exist. I’ll devote all of my time with you. Wishing you the most lovely sweetheart of the day.

You’re my little one and you’re healthy for the future. You are my clone, and I am unable to share you with anyone. You, my precious boy, are my passion. Wishing you a wonderful day of leisure!

The secret to an excellent life is to teach you the Lord’s way; I will do my best to show you the way. Hello, Happy 2nd Birthday wishes !I won’t hide anything positive from you, but in this short life, I want you to get the best of it. Happy second one, my guy.

You are an inexhaustible source of friskiness and chirpiness for the whole household. Your grin is pure-heart-warmer and dimples. Happy 2nd birthday to a healthy little boy!

It’s too overwhelming to take care of your 2-year-old super-energetic little runt like you. But it’s worth cherishing the cute, ridiculous things you do. Happy 2nd birthday to the world’s most infamous baby boy!

You’re just a two-year-old kid, but it’s absolutely incredible how easily you learn new things. Happy 2nd birthday.

The one and only explanation why in this crazy world I am still sane is that every day I get to see your sweet smile. My mushy baby boy’s happy 2nd birthday!

The one and only person in the world who in a moment will cool off my rage is you. My adorable fuzzy boy’s happy 2nd birthday!

To the smallest member of this family, a very mesmerising happy birthday. Your heart-wrenching grin is irresistible, and your aura glitters like nothing in my world. Happy 2nd birthday to my little one!

I would have caught both your sweetness and cuteness, if it had been possible, and stored them forever in my heart. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Happy 2nd birthday!

Someone rightly said that a baby is nothing but an angel sent to spread peace, love, and vivaciousness in a family by Heaven on earth. To get a little angel like you, we are more than lucky. Happy 2nd birthday wishes to you!

Yes, you are the tiniest one in the family but you are also the biggest source of joy. I thank God every single day for giving you to our family. Happy 2nd birthday my tiny sweetheart!

If my world is an endless universe, so you are the light that shines through it all. Happy 2nd birthday my son!

Happy 2nd Birthday wishes. He makes us happy whenever we are sad or in a bad mood. Our child  makes us stronger to face the different realities of the world in a very easy way. He make us capable to work hard for his bright future.  We are blessed when we have a child in our life. When it is the second birthday of our child we are very happy because the year passes with full love and care.

There is a lot of memories in the past year that our child gave us. We remember each and every moment of our child past year and that why we want to celebrate this day in the more blessed way. We want to highlight the sweet memory of our child in a better way so we will celebrate his second birthday as the most memorable one. The second birthday of the child is very much special for the family and the child as well.

He stepped up in the new life with a lot of happiness and joy. Your child is now big enough to understand the different emotions of life. He is now grown up enough to face the happiness and the joy with the entire family.  There are different ways of wishing the second birthday of the baby. It does not matter whether it is a boy or a girl the birthday wish will be equally important for both. The child is now grown up enough to understand the way you are wishing him.

For sure, the child will play with the present and after some years he or she can easily read your birthday wish and for sure a cute smile will appear on his face. You can wish the family member with different prayers so that they can feel blessed at this day. The family member and the child will remember this day for the entire life time. He is now turning to 2 and this the most special moment for the family.

The first birthday is the birth memory of the child and the second birthday is the new beginning of his life. He is now being a toddler and he want to make his life the most amazing one. So, you should wish him in the best and the most beautiful way that can be remembered by the family and as well as the child.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl



Nothing is cuter here than your broken sentences. Happy second birthday with a cutie pie of mine.

Will your second birthday be full of toys and Barbie dolls.

I feel like I want to take you, I want to lock you up, I want to hold you all to myself, I love you so much and I’m going to do everything I can to see that sweet little grin on my face. Happy birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday wishes, lovely little girl with gorgeous cheeks. Every day, I want to stroke those cheeks. Beautiful girl, Happy 2nd Birthday.

Happy second girl, I really don’t have anything in mind that I want you to look like your mother anymore. She’s a fantastic wife and mom.

I’m committed and passionate to lead you on the right direction. You’re my little one and I love you. Happy birthday girl, two-year-old girl!

In order to give you a great life, I will do my best, but I will add your ways to the road. Happy birthday Girl!

I think when you turned 1, I couldn’t have been happier. I suppose I was mistaken, because I was never that happy at all. Cheers on flipping 2 honey!

A gentle brush of the back of your hand trying to grasp my finger expels my anger and makes me happy. To my 2-year-old princess, best wishes.

You can’t believe you’re still able to take care of me even at this age, becoming a mother is naturally in the making of any woman. Heheheh. Heheheh.

Your birth gave glory to my kin. May you be significant and noble in your generation forever. Happy second daughter, dear daughter.

I can’t recall how I spent my 2nd birthday with my little sweetheart, so I’m going to make sure yours is unforgettable and worth remembering. Get a beautiful daughter for the day.

It’s the day we’re celebrating my little one’s 2nd birthday; I can’t wait to see you mature into a troubled wee lad.

May Heaven save you from the eyes of darkness, may your loving goodness and sweetness remain forever. Have a great second birthday, my beautiful daughter.

At 2, you’re the most gorgeous girl I meet, still. You’re the princess of the Realm of Infants. Just love you, Daughter.

You are too little to understand how much our lives have changed after your arrival. You are an absolutely joyous toddler with infinite curiosity. Happy 2nd birthday to my one and only love!

If I had the privilege to ask God for power, I will ask for your eternal childhood. I wish you could stay forever as a sweet kid. Happy 2nd birthday!

I can’t wait for the day that you become a stunning and knowledgeable woman to blossom. Wishing your 2-year-old baby girl a wonderful birthday!

Wishing my favourite two-year-old in the world a beautiful birthday. I know, one day by serving the country, you will make the whole family proud!

There are different ways of wishing the happy 2nd birthday wishes to the child but the best one is to meet up the child and then wish him the blessed day of life. You can add up some images of the baby past year so that it will show a beautiful throwback of his past year. Another way of wishing the second birthday of a child is to give the cute birthday present wrapped up with the sweet and beautiful birthday prayer.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy


Happy-2nd-Birthday for Son

Hey my little guy, thank you very much for making my life the luckiest family in the world, the most lucky or best said. May you have an amazing celebration on your second birthday!

You are shy and thin, but your light is brilliant and radiant. You’re with me, I’m happy. Enjoy the day of greatness.

The 2nd Happy Son. I didn’t have the luxury of getting a tricycle when I was your age, but you now have it. I’m pleased to see you smiling.

Happy 2nd Birthday Grandson Quotes

I wish you good health and good courage, my lovely little man, to be a sporty man when you grow up. Happy son’s 2nd birthday.

The only joy that makes its way into my heart today is to see that, since birth, I have been able to provide you with a very good life. The 2nd Happy Son.

Two front teeth, two eyes wide. Like glass, this makes me freeze. Eagle eyes, happy birthday.

Two more centimeters, and you can only open all the doors. Sweetest wishes to my 2-year-old brother!

It’s your second birthday today, so celebrate every second of it.

I’m here to make sure you’re doing good on your second birthday. Oh god I love this beautiful baby boy.

You look smart even though you are just two years old. You may be the most intelligent man after eighteen years. Enjoy sweetheart!

When you grow up, your naughtiness hits a high. I enjoy all of your dumb, cute deeds. Wishing you an amazing 2nd birthday, love.

When you are starving, how can you know where to get food?! My little brother will soon be Conan, the second detective. Happy 2nd Birthday as well by the way.

Having these photos will make you smile as you grow up. See how you made a fool of your big brother!

May you grow up to be clever, wise and the best at all, my adorable boy. My world lightens up with your smile. Enjoy your birthday on the 2nd!

Like your first, your second year is packed with a lot of fun and affection. I wish you a very bright 2nd birthday.

And two front teeth, a sweet rabbit. You’re 2 now, my happy teddy bear. Only love the breast milk.

Wait a second, I’d like to waste 60 seconds wishing you a happy second birthday. Sweetheart Buddy!

Your friends and family would like to wish you a happy 2nd birthday. We were here for the first time, we’re here now and we’re still going to be here.

It’ll be second to none, even though it’s your second birthday. This will be the greatest birthday ever.

ONE, TWO, Three! Someone didn’t count to three; yeah, that’s you, two years have just finished. Happy second birthday, sweetheart.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes is the throwback of the past 24 month s of your toddlers life.  It is the most important day for your child. As we all know that a child is the greatest blessings of Lord. We feels complete when we are having a child in life. Lots of stress and worries are went away when we see our child. He is the source of happiness to us and the one who gives us the greatest blessings of the Lord.

We have discussed different ways of sending Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for a baby boy and baby girl. You can choose the best one according to the relationship with the child. We hope that from our content you will get the best way to wish a toddler on his birthday. Along with this below our some beautiful, cute, funny and lovely birthday wishes that you can easily use to make the most amazing birthday wish for  the 2nd birthday of the child.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes to My Daughter

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes to My Daughter


For your 2nd birthday, let us create a lovely memory. An beautiful angel like you deserves happiness at all times, and I intend to help make you laugh harder. Get a marvellous day.

In the shape of a sweet baby girl, you’re such a prime wonder of my life, when I lost all my hope. Let a long life and good fortune be yours. Get a day of magic.

Your fingers may be thin, but you’ve got a cover that keeps your dad’s big fingers tightly. Get a beautiful sweet girl on your 2nd birthday.

Your sweet smile cares for all my happiness and harmony. Can your smile stay forever on your forehead. Sweetheart, I wish you a very happy birthday.

The little princess of ours is turning 2. She’s also clever, cute, and big-hearted. Have a beautiful birthday, Sweet Pea!

Little girls are the best, and you’re the world’s best 2-year-old boy. We have been so fortunate. Happy Birthday, girl!

Two years ago today, this little light of everything that is good and marvellous came into our lives. We could not have been happier. Happy Birthday, Daughter of the Contract!

From heaven, you are a gift. Happy 2nd birthday to everyone’s fairest princess! Happy Birthday, most beloved child.

You know that we’re always going to be by your side. Know that no matter what, you’ll still be loved. When you’re old enough to toddle around on your own, but not too early to walk away from mom and dad’s hugs, it’s great to be 2.

Happy Birthday to the little princess of ours!

You’re the prettiest two-year-old in this region. You made your daddy and mommy so proud. Enjoy the presents and cake and all the nice stuff.

Today you are 2 and you are on your way to success. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that you’re going to do for the future.

I so vividly remember the day that your lovely child was born. It was an amazing day. Little girl, happy 2nd birthday!

For all the love you’ve brought to your family since you came home two years ago, you deserve all the happiness.

Today and on any birthday, may all your wishes come true. What else would make a two-year-old happy? Balloons, toys, cookies, and presents.

Happy and fun birthday to a wonderful boy. I hope that all the smiles, kisses and best wishes of those you love will come from you. Have a fun 2nd birthday, just don’t be too rough at partying.

With you, this is the Major 2. We are so grateful that we will see you grow. Happy birthday, lovely girl!

I would like to see 10 more baby GIRLS and girls if all of the kids are like you. What a chirpy one we’ll get! My Princess, happy 2nd birthday!

I would have caught both your sweetness and cuteness, if it had been possible, and stored them forever in my heart. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Happy baby’s 2nd birthday!

Not many people know that there’s a superpower you have. Sometimes at the direst moment, the ability to make someone happy. Happy 2nd birthday to my happy little boy!

Millions of words are not going to be enough to express the joy that I have for you. The most charming stuff is your out of the blue giggles and sweet sleeping smile. Happy 2nd birthday!

Happiest birthday to the smartest, most charming baby girl in the world. Your intellect has also brought us to shame at this age. My girl’s happy 2nd birthday! I’m so proud of you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes are full of love and prayers so for sure these wishes will help you in sending the best 2nd birthday wish for the child.

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